A Wood-fired Hot Tub For Every Backyard

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Larch or spruce hot tubs

hot tub for familyWooden hot tubs from spruce with a built-in wood stove.
Ecological and convenient timber hot tubs for 3 - 9 persons, diameter from 1,6 to 2,2 meters at the most attractive prices.
The prices beginning from 860 EUR for a complete set with a stove. Spruce »
hot tubs for friendsWooden hot tubs from larch
More durable and useful for health wooden hot tubs from larch for 3 - 9 persons, from 1,6 to 2,2 meters in diameter. Larch in comparison with coniferous woods possesses more valuable properties, and also higher degree of resistance to cracks formation and rotting processes.Larch »
wood tubs with outside heaterWooden hot tubs with an external stove for water heating.
More convenient stoves with a number of advantages in comparison with a built-in stove. Hot tubs with an external stove from 1,6 to 2,4 meters in diameter allow to place 7 - 14 persons. Don't ask How to build firewood hot tub Just buy if from us.more »
Pool For Each BackyardWooden hot tubs from spruce or larch without a stove.
It is the most optimal variant to place a pool in your garden.
Besides water in wooden hot tubs gets health-improving effect thanks to the presence of antioxidants in a natural wood. more »
wood burning stovesStoves for water heating in wooden hot tubs
Built-in and external stoves for water heating, if You decide to build wooden hot tub
Effective stoves are easy-to-work, provide a fast heating of water, economically consume firewood and have a long service life thanks to high-quality stainless steel. more »
Accessories for the bath barrelOptions
Additional accessories will simplify and facilitate service and maintenance of a hot tub. more »