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Octagonal Wooden Hot Tub with Fiberglass Bath and Outside Heater

Dimensions, m Aluminum Stainless Steel
1,8 x 1,8 m (5-6 Pers.) 1 559 € 1 682 €
2,0 x 2,0 m (6-8 Pers.) 1 697 € 1 819 €
1,8 x 2,4 m (8-9 Pers.) 1 984 € 2 107 €

Here is the basic equipment that’s including with this hot tub:

Basic Set Includes:

  • Heat-treated wood cladding
  • Octagonal fiberglass pool
  • External heating stove
  • Chimney (2m)
  • Chimney Rain Cover
  • Steps (0,5 m)
  • Drain
  • Water Bottom made of plywood
Dimensions, m Weight, kg Capacity, person Water Volume, l
1,8 x 1,8 180 6 1200
2 x 2 220 8 1500
1,8 x 2,4 240 8 1600


  • Height—1,1 m
  • Depth—0.96 m
  • Thermowood outside thickness — 18 mm
  • Waterproof plywood flooring — 9 mm

The octagonal fiberglass hot tub is great for the homeowner who has to entertain a large number of guests every now and then. The best part is largest model can comfortably accommodate up to 9 people at one time.

And once you are fully immersed in the hot tub the water will extend all the way up to your neckline. In other
words, you will pretty much be covered from head to toe.

Think about it! Is there anything else that you can immediately think of to relax your tired soul?

To avoid unnecessary heating you must be sure to choose the right size tub for your personal needs. You can choose from three different sizes:1,8×1,8, 2,0×2,0 and 1,8×2,4.

If you will only have a few users, opt for the smallest version. Otherwise, you will end up with an extremely high heating bill every single month. To spruce things up a bit you can also consider adding accessories such as a bubble system, a drinking level, a deck and special lighting. A floating thermometer is also a great idea as it will ensure the water is just the right temperature.

Just a word of caution: never get in the pool without first checking the temperature of the water. Doing so can leave you with severe burns. For safety reasons you must make sure that the water is mixed during the heating process. If you want to speed up the heating process consider investing in a cover: this will help keep the warm air in while the pool is being heated.

This octagonal fiberglass hot tub comes fully equipped with a fiberglass inside pool. The heat treated wood cladding is environmentally safe and will keep your hot tub nice and warm for an extended period of time. It also makes the tub aesthetically pleasing to the eye, ensuring the fiberglass upholstery lasts for a long time.

Due to its smooth finish, keeping this pool clean is very easy. All you need is a damp cloth and a little water.

Wipe it down after each use and it will continue to look just like new for many years to come.

For stability and safety the bottom of the tub is made out of plywood. The external heating stove is placed a safe distance away from the tub so you won’t accidentally rub up against it.