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What materials are used at manufacturing of hot tubs?

Hot tubs are made of a high-quality spruce or larch. Stoves are made of stainless steel.

How is it possible to pour out water from a hot tub?

There is a special discharge built-in in the bottom of the hot tub with an applicative stopper. It is possible to attach a hose to the discharge and pour out water where you want.

What firewood is better for using?

We recommend using a seasoned birch. It is also possible to use another wood, but firewood with a high content of resin pollutes the stove from within more and you will have to clean it more often.

How often is it necessary to clean the stove?

The stove should be cleaned every 2 — 4 times of utilization, it depends on the resin content in the firewood you use. It is convenient to clean the stove with a scoop which you can get from us.

How to make a wood hot tub?

Do You have a lot of free time? Buy already assembled hot tub and relax and never ask — How to make a wood hot tub?

How is water heated in the barrel?

Water is heated by means of the stove installed inside the hot tub. Water heating process occurs irregularly. Water, being heated, rises upward, a natural circulation takes place. Therefore for acceleration of water heating process we advise you to stir it up periodically. If the hot tub is covered water will also get warm faster. The firewood used also influences the period of water heating. If the firewood is seasoned, with a small content of resin and there is enough of it in the burner the burning process occurs more intensively and the stove heats water much faster. The time of water heating depends on various factors, the principal of which are initial water temperature, the hot tub size, firewood used and stirring of water during heating. For example heating Ofuro SR1800 from 7°C to 27°C takes 2 — 3,5 hours, and to 35°C 1 hour more.

How long is it possible to keep a hot tub without water in hot, sunny weather?

It is not recommended to keep a hot tub without water in hot, sunny weather more than two days. It is possible to keep a hot tub without water about one week if it is in a house or garden shade.

Is it possible to use sea water?

Yes, salty water does not spoil a wooden hot tub and a stove from stainless steel.

How is it possible to regulate water heating?

It is possible to regulate the intensity of heating by means of the stove cover. If you need to heat water quickly it is necessary to open the cover for the width of the air pipe then the burning process will be more intensive and water will be heated faster. When you have already heated water to the necessary temperature, the cover can be closed. Then the firewood in the stove will burn slowly, so that water wouldn’t get cool.

Is it possible to put a larch hot tub near to wooden buildings?

The minimum distance from a pipe to the nearest wooden garden furniture or the wooden house should be 1 meter.

Is it possible to use for hot tub washing chemicals for surface cleaning?

We do not advise to use chemicals for hot tub cleaning, the natural wood has a feature to absorb undesirable chemical elements of cleansers, and then to dissolve them in water. The hot tub is easily washed by natural agents or pure water.

Is it possible to get burnt from the stove or pipe?

The part of the stove, which is in water, is not so hot to get burnt. Besides, the stove in the hot tub is enclosed by a decorative wooden grating. But the pipe directly over water is red-hot, and it is prohibited to touch the pipe. We insistently recommend you to get in addition a protective grid for a pipe.