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Care of wooden tubs

Pay attention, that wooden tub is a unique and safe product of comfort. Tubs are made from special methods, which could relieve benefits of true quality. During centuries cooperage art had improved a lot of times and became unique. So in the Europe appeared a big range of different companies, who offer these tubs. Of course we can say that our company is the best, because of exactly quality of these barrel sauna and tubs.
You have to remember about the care of this tub, which you must to do, if you want to safe your product for a long time. There are many ways of manufacturing wooden tubs. Often for fixing are used different machine tools, and sometimes is used a special glue that allows to obtain the perfect sealing performance. Wooden tubs are ecological clean, because we use only natural elements.
Firstly, natural tub guarantees ideal safety for your health. Secondly, when you warm up this tub, wood emits different elements, which positively affect on our organism. Without a good care your tub won´t be like new for years. If you don´t want that, you need to do special care.
Pay attention, that natural wood has one negative volume reduction factor, if the humidity level is dropping. So wood cracks without water and moisture. It means that you often need adding water in your tub. This method will help you to safe forms of tub. The best variant is every 3 days to add water in tub.
If tub has already lost her shape, don´t worry. You need to damp your barrel with water, that will help to swell and return its shape.