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In addition to hot tubs you can buy at reasonable prices:

Wooden cover
Use a cover so that ash, leaves, snow etc. would not get into a hot tub. Then you would not spend additional time for firewood hot tub.

cleaning. One more useful function of a cover: water in a hot tub closed by a cover is heated faster because in this case warmth from water does not evaporate in the atmosphere, and remains in a hot tub.

Electric Pump will allow you to pump out water from a hot tub quickly and easily.
If you need to dewater in a certain place in this case you’ll need a pump for water.

Decorative wooden hoop
It will transform hot tub appearance, and also a rounded edge of a hoop can be a headrest.

Protective grid for pipe
During heating the wood hot tub stove stove pipe has a high temperature. Safety measures must be observed not to get burnt. Protective grid will protect you from burns and accidental contact with a pipe.

Drink holder
You can put glasses, bottles and even plates on a wooden stand. After all when you have a rest, you want everything to be convenient and at hand.

Protective coverage for barrel
Special paint from natural components will protect a hot tub from environmental exposure. If each 2 years you would cover a hot tub with a special coverage it can serve you not one decade.

Water thermometer
It will allow constantly watching water temperature in a hot tub.

Ash shovel
It will facilitate wood hot tub heater cleaning.


Wooden cover: EUR
D 160cm 100
D 180cm 105
D 200cm 115
D 220cm 125
D 240cm 135
Decorative hoop 75
Grid for pipe 59
Drink holder 20
Coverage for barrel 40
Ash shovel 11
Water thermometer 8

All prices incl. VAT 20%