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Wooden hot tubs

As far back as our ancestors knew about the curative power of warm water and natural wood and skillfully used their useful properties for soul and body treatment.


Presently, at the epoch of prosperity and powerful development of the chemical industry, the interest to the production from natural materials again has considerably increased — a modern person aspires to get rid of consequences of stress and dynamic vital activity by convergence with the nature and derives strength from its sources.

Honoring old traditions and having combined them with the newest technologies of the modern cooperage, Baltresto company builds for you wooden hot tubs from various kinds of wood. Observing old traditions, we preserve all useful properties of the steamed wood and hot water. Thanks to modern technologies ergonomic hot tubs are convenient in application, safe and harmoniously fit in any interior.

Our wooden bath tubs are safe not only for you, but also for the environment. At their manufacturing our company does not resort to the usage of any harmful chemical agents.

When we build our wooden hot tubs we use only valuable wood of the Siberian larch or pine. And such choice is not by chance! The given kinds of wood possess not only a large quantity of useful properties, but also are very durable. Water in such hot tubs not only clears the skin perfectly well, but also helps in struggle against wrinkles and skin ageing. And the pleasant odor of the natural wood calms and results in harmony with yourself and the world around. Our hot tubs are very easy in service and maintenance. Water in them is heated by means of the built-in or external stove. Water drainage is carried out through a special discharge in the tub bottom.

As for the maintenance of a hot tub it is enough to fill it with water to warn against pernicious influence of the environment. For cleaning of hot tubs we advise to use natural facilities or pure water. The process of maintenance and service can be facilitated by means of the special accessories produced by us additionally. They will not only facilitate the usage process, but also will decorate the hot tub and the garden.
You can also use sea salt water without fears since it harms neither the barrel, nor the stainless steel stove.

Baltresto firm offers you a wide assortment of hot tubs, and also various accessories for them. You can order and we build a wooden hot tub of any size, form and spaciousness (for 1 person or a big company). We will also be glad to have your special order which will be fulfilled in the shortest time.

According to the primary concept of our company we aspire to provide each our client the maximum comfort and consequently we undertake all the difficulties connected with the transportation. We deliver the hot tubs in any corner of Europe in the shortest time in the built-up condition and almost ready for use. If you wish to participate in the packaging process and besides to save money, inform us about it and we will give you the possibility to assemble a hot tub by yourself.

To make the order or to receive answers to the arisen questions, simply contact us by phone, e-mail or Skype. We are always glad to help our clients!

The order and delivery period.

It is very easy and simple to order our products. For this purpose it is necessary to register your order in our site or by phone and Skype. Within the first working day your order will be processed, then our agents will contact you. After the acknowledgement of the order we will send you the invoice. We undertake to deliver the ordered goods within 2 weeks after its payment, if the goods are in stock, the delivery time will be reduced up to 4-6 working days.

Order Baltresto hot tub and you will feel that your life is filled with new colors, present to yourself and your relatives some happy moments and possibility to improve your body and soul.

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